Dear Electronics Representative,

Join ERA... Promote, Protect and Improve the
Independent Professional Field Sales Representative Function.

For over fifty years, ERA has promoted the use of manufacturers’ representatives to the electronics industry. The Electronics Representatives Association exists only for you ... to further the function and professionalism of electronics manufacturers’ representatives individually and as a group ... and to advance and promote the benefits of multiple-line selling. Its responsiveness to member needs make it among the most progressive not-for-profit trade associations in the world. When you belong to ERA ... ERA belongs to you!

Once a member, ERA becomes your source for:

* Finding Lines

* Publications - including the Locator - the #1 rep director in the electronics industry and the Representor Magazine (free listing and advertising for new members in the Locator)

* National and regional educational conferences and trade shows

* Group insurance programs

* Software programs designed specifically for reps

* Web site design and internet access

* Cost-saving long distance telephone discounts ... and, much, much more!

We’d like to send you an application along with benefits and services details. Please print and fax the Membership Information Request Form , or, just place your request by e-mail to Karin Derkacz, ERA’s Membership Manager and a membership information packet will be sent to you immediately. You may also contact Chris directly at 1-800-776-7377 for additional details.

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