The following is a short description of each of the product marketing groups represented by the reps of ERA. The rep members will have the marketing groups they represent included in their listings. For detailed information on these product groups and/or contact information for the product group chairpersons, click here ...

Communications - land mobile radio, microwave, communication systems, marine, satellite, cellular, telecommunications, avionics, telephone equipment, radio datacom, law enforcement, wireless PCS.

Components Materials - active components, passive components, interconnect, power sources and management, manufacturing services.

Computer Products - small office, home office, LAN products, multi-media and graphics, telecommunications.

Consumer Electronics - consumer audio, consumer video, personal entertainment, personal communications, automotive electronics, accessories, personal computer and video games.

Electronic Systems Integration - sound, audio-visual, electronic security.

Instrumentation & Sensors - sensors, data acquisition & control systems, test & measurement instruments, quality/product test/ATE.

Materials, Assembly & Production - capital equipment, circuit card assembly, contract manufacturing, PC fabrication.

RF/Microwave & Wireless - components & sub-assemblies, discrete devices, transmission lines, microwave IC, specialized instrumentation.


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